Pure, Mikron Theatre Company, the Victoria Beeston, 14th June 2016

One of the best!
I am rarely disappointed with a Mikron show, but today’s show was a real winner. The theme was chocolate, and new writer Richard Vergette clearly had the hostile take over of Cadburys by Kraft at the front of his mind. However, the darker themes of exploitation and the slave trade are tempered by the usual Mikron recipe of jokes, songs and super swift costume changes.
The scenes switch from the Victorian foundation of the fictional chocolate company Plumsteads to its present day predicament (again, Cadbury’s is never too far from the mind), with the four actors effortlessly switching between the two. There are seven songs (including the very poignant La Cote D’Ivoire), and the Chocolate Machine Song is hilarious. The story had a number of twists and turns, especially at the end.
Mikron mainly tour pubs near canals, and this Summer they are popping up round the Grand Union Canal, Oxford, Worcester and Birmingham Canals and the River Thames. Check out their website www.mikron.org.uk. They are definitely worth it

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